Two Bros Bows is a kid-owned company designing and distributing high quality toy bow and arrow sets for children ages 6 and up. Kids can choose matching bow and arrows or mix and match bow, arrow and quiver bag designs for a custom, one-of-a-kind look. Two Bros Bows archery sets are the kid-tested, mom-approved solution to bringing the spirit of adventure with you anywhere you go.

Can You Use Two Bros Bows™ Bows With Real Arrows?

Our bows are designed to be used with official Two Bros Bows™ arrows; we don't recommend using other arrows with other bows.

What's the Difference Between Youth & Kids Sets?

Our bows under the Kids Bow and Arrow Set and Youth Archery Set are both the same size bow which is 38". The difference between the two categories is what is included in the set.

Under the Kids Bow and Arrow Set, you receive the bow, 3 arrows, a quiver bag, and a target.

Under the Youth Archery Set, you receive the bow and one mating arrow. All sets are recommended for ages 6 and up.

Are Two Bros Bows™ Bow and Arrows Safe for All Ages?

Our products are intended for children 6 years +.

How Far Do the Arrows Shoot?

Our arrows shoot between 25-30 feet. This also depends on your child's age and strength.

Will Your Arrows Work on a Real Bow?

The dimensions of our arrow are 24" long with a 2.5-3" foam tip. Our arrows are designed to be used with official Two Bros Bows™ bows; we don't recommend using these with other bows.