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Children's Bows and Arrows

Our unique, foam-tipped arrows & archery sets come in fun, colorful styles to match any kid's personality!

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Our Story

Based out of North Carolina, Two Bros Bows was founded by kids, for kids, to deliver safe yet high quality toy bow and arrow sets with style. With a little encouragement from mom, brothers Duncan and Hayden of Davidson, NC began Two Bros Bows as a way to make some extra money for themselves.

What started as a small operation quickly turned into a thriving business designing and producing bow and arrows for kids ages 6 and up to enjoy all year ‘round. Today, Duncan and Hayden are kid-trepreneurs with multiple awards under their belts for their creative take on the age old bow and arrow. Two Bros bow and arrow for kids are now available online and in over 1200+ specialty stores worldwide.

All of Two Bros Bows high quality bow and arrow sets, archery sets, quivers, targets and accessories are made in the USA and make a great companion anywhere you go. Kids can safely practice their archery skills at home or the beach, while camping, or at a friends house!


We live by the motto “work hard, play hard.” This mantra lives on through our children’s bow and arrow sets. Two Bros Bows is dedicated to delivering well performing personalized kids arrows and bows without ever jeopardizing quality.

Our 100% cotton fabric covered foam-tipped toy arrows have undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety for all of our users by surpassing CPSIA safety standards. Bow and arrow sets are designed with a durable cushioned foam grip and foster the nostalgic feel of a homemade bow, using plastic piping, string and foam. Each set comes with a laminated tri-fold bullseye for easy target practice in the backyard, in the woods or in the playroom!


Toy bows are designed to be a fun, easy way for kids to learn basic archery skills. Archery has long been a favorable extracurricular activity for able bodied and disabled children of all ages. Our bow and arrows for kids promotes hand-eye coordination, self-confidence, focus and patience.

The sport of archery aids in the physical development of the child, requiring upper body and core strength to balance and shoot arrows. Archery teached kids mental toughness and the importance practice, patience and self-confidence play in achieving their goals. Archery can be enjoyed alone or as a group activity, making it a versatile sporting option that teaches teamwork and sportsmanship while working on the child’s individual skills.

Archery is a unique sport that can be practiced year ‘round. With our soft and forgiving arrows kids can practice virtually anywhere, anytime. Not to mention, they’ll love choosing vibrant, unique bow and arrow sets that capture their personalities!

All kids archery sets are packed away in a matching adjustable waterproof quiver bag, doubling as a carrying pack on all their adventures. Quiver bags are perfect for storing a water bottle or treasures found along the journey, whether at the beach or in the woods.

Browse our collection to find the styles and designs that best fit your child’s personality. With dozens of styles from dragons and fairies to limited edition archery sets, there’s a bow and arrow set for every child to enjoy.

Two Bros Bows is dedicated to delivering fun and adventure to kids everywhere. Become part of the Two Bros Bows family today!

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