Fidget Spinners: A Surprising Tool for Managing Sensory Disorders

In the modern world, sensory stimulation is everywhere. We're never too far from a screen, a book, an ad, or something else calling out to grab our attention. With so much going on at once, it can all feel overwhelming, making it hard to stay focused. One side effect of this abundance of stimulation is that many kids have sensory disorders like ADHD. 

Fortunately, if you or your little one are having trouble focusing on any one task, there may be a simple and cost-effective solution: the Spinny Thing from Two Bros Bows. Fidget spinners and sensory items for classroom and home use, have become a hot commodity in recent years, but they're more than just a way to kill time and keep your hands busy. Let's break down why these toys can make a huge difference in managing sensory disorders and helping your child stay focused. 

A Brief Introduction to the Fidget Spinner

Technically, a "fidget spinner" is a rotating device with multiple prongs (typically three) that spins on ball bearings. This toy was patented in 1997 but wouldn't become mainstream until 20 years later, in 2017. While the initial fervor has died down on fidget spinners, they're still relatively popular. 

However, one side effect of the fidget spinner's success is that it showed there was a market for similar devices and toys. Now, you can find all kinds of options that offer tactile sensations and repetitive movement, including our very own Spinny Thing. 

In each case, the goal is the same. A fidget device is designed to keep your hands and brain busy with a simple sensory task so that you can focus the rest of your brain on other, more complex items. If you've ever found yourself having deeper thoughts while driving or taking a shower, that's why. Because part of your brain is occupied with something familiar and easy, the rest of your mind is free to work on more abstract details. 

Are Fidget Spinners Effective Sensory Tools for ADHD?

Currently, there haven't been many scientific studies about fidget spinners or related sensory toys. However, there has been plenty of anecdotal evidence, especially from those who use these toys to help focus throughout the day. 

But why do these tools work? And, most importantly, are they more of an aid or a distraction?

Humans are exposed to far more stimuli today than at any other point in history. Because the brain hasn't evolved to adapt to this many stimuli, it's easy for it to get overwhelmed. Sensory overload can cause panic attacks, anxiety, or intense distraction from the task at hand. 

So, where do fidget toys come in? Well, they offer a sense of control when things get too overwhelming. Because you're the one moving and spinning the toy, your brain centers on that activity over everything else. Thus, it's easier to tune out other distractions and stimuli. Usually, our brains can handle this automatically, but with so much going on at any given time, a fidget toy can help provide instant relief. 

That said, timing matters more than anything. If you or your child are bored, a fidget toy can be more of a distraction. For example, if you're listening to a lecture or a meeting and not focusing on the content, your brain will focus more on the toy. However, if you're trying to focus on a complex task (like homework or building something), a fidget toy can help reduce overstimulation. 

Why are Sensory Toys Important for ADHD?

One study from 2022 looked at whether fidget spinners (or identical toys) could help mitigate ADHD symptoms. The results of the study concluded that using one of these toys helped improve students' on-task behavior during class. However, it also noted that while the results were promising for some students, it doesn't mean that sensory toys will work for everyone. 

Part of the reason why these toys worked in this study is that ADHD patients are tactile learners. By holding onto a physical device and controlling its movement, the subjects could reduce outside distractions and focus more on the task at hand. While spinners were used in the study, any type of fidget toy or sensory items for the classroom would likely have similar results. 

Get the Best Spinners From Two Bros Bows

Our Spinny Thing is a unique take on the fidget spinner craze, and it may be able to help you or your child focus better in school or on other tasks around the house. Our toy is durable, easy to use, and comes with our unique colors and patterns.

It's small and thin enough to fit in your pocket, and it can help in various situations where distractions are too overwhelming. Buy the Spinny Thing today and see how well it works for you or your child. We also invite you to shop our archery boxed sets for more structured playtime. Contact us to find out more.

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