The Developmental Benefits of Juggle Sticks for Children

As parents, the quest for finding the perfect toy can sometimes seem never-ending. When your little ones always want the "next big thing," it can be hard to keep up with demand. But, what if you could find a toy that is not only fun and engaging but helps develop their mental and physical acuity?

Juggling devil sticks from Two Bros Bows may be the right answer for your kids. These sticks are challenging enough to keep your child occupied and entertained but not so challenging that they'll give up immediately. Let's dive into the world of devil sticks and see how they can benefit your kids.

What Are Devil Sticks?

Devil sticks are a set of three rods. Two of the sticks are used to move the third, which has weighted ends. The goal is to juggle the weighted stick with the smaller rods. As your skills progress, you can do all kinds of tricks, such as spinning the rod in the air, spinning it around the smaller sticks, and more. There is no limit to how many tricks you can learn once you master the basics.

How Can Juggling Devil Sticks Benefit Children?

Some toys focus on mental stimulation, while others focus on physical stimulation. Devil sticks engage both the body and the mind, forcing children to adapt quickly to keep the stick moving without dropping. Learning how to juggle devil sticks can benefit kids in multiple ways, such as:

  • Hand-Eye Coordination - One of the main challenges of devil stick juggling is that your eyes stay on the larger stick, not the ones in your hands. So, you have to be able to move your hands into the right position by feel, not sight. Over time, you'll be able to control your hand movement more fluidly and tightly, giving you better coordination and reflexes.
  • Confidence Boost - As with regular ball juggling, there's a learning curve to mastering the devil sticks. While it's relatively easy to learn the basics, tricks can require significant time and effort. As your child develops their skills, they'll be able to see how their effort pays off in real-time. Yes, they may fail again and again, but they also get better with each failure. This process helps improve their confidence by showing they can refine their skills with practice.
  • Physical Activity - These days, it's hard to get children to play outside, especially when smartphones, tablets, and video games are always available. However, devil sticks require sufficient space to practice, so your little ones will have to be outside to use them. Also, as they develop new tricks, they must move their hands, legs, and entire bodies to get them right. While juggling isn't intense exercise, it's much better than sitting on the couch.
  • Social Development - Devil sticks are often practiced solo, but it's pretty easy to develop a routine with a friend. In fact, doing a double or triple devil stick routine can yield more benefits than if your child practiced by themselves. Because juggling with others requires trust and communication, your kids can develop better social skills in the process. You can also use these sticks as an excuse to bond with your child as you practice together.

How to Improve Your Devil Stick Routine

The first time you try devil sticks, it might feel a bit odd. Because you're not touching the weighted stick with your hands, it may take a while to get used to the feeling of using sticks as extensions of yourself.

One of the best ways to get used to the feeling of moving the weighted stick around is to set it on the ground and move it back and forth, like a pendulum. Once you feel comfortable with that movement, you can start doing it in the air. If you drop the stick, just pick it up and keep practicing.

After a while, you may feel comfortable tossing the stick into the air with both smaller sticks. Practice that a few times to get the feeling right. Then, you can start spinning the weighted stick and catching it.

Once you've mastered these basic tricks, there's no limit to what you can do in your routine.

Buy Devil Sticks From Two Bros Bows

As you can see, having your child practice juggling devil sticks can yield some incredible advantages. Plus, they're super fun to play with and a great way to play outside. We sell our devil sticks in multiple colors and patterns, and each stick has soft padding for safety. We also invite you to check out our selection of bows and arrows for more outdoor fun.

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