Devil Sticks

If you’re looking for a fun way to engage your child in more benefit-packed physical activity, Two Bros Bows juggling devil sticks are here to help.

The origins of juggling sticks (also known as devil sticks or juggling devil sticks) date back to 18th century China as dancing props made from bamboo. Today, devil sticks are used for juggling and as an at-home leisurely activity, promoting several benefits handy for many other activities.

Benefits of Devil Sticks

Developed to deliver the same adventurous spirit as our kid’s archery set and crafted from similar recycled materials as our toy bow and arrow, Two Bros Bows beginner juggling devil sticks help promote balance and hand-eye coordination, in turn increasing dexterity and strengthening the left-right brain connection. These improved motor skills can help your child progress in other areas like sports or playing instruments. Devil sticks also serve as a stress-relieving distraction when your child needs a homework break or simply something to do on a rainy day spent indoors.

Captivating Designs

If you are familiar with our toy bow and arrow target sets, then you already know what bright, colorful, one-of-a-kind designs our devil sticks we have in store for your child. Choose from several awesome devil stick designs to mix or match with a toy bow and arrow set!

Quirky Details

Adding fun to functionality, our kid’s devil sticks are filled with recyclable pellets to provide better stick balance while also doubling as rain sticks. Your child will love the calming noise their juggling sticks make as they move back and forth while helping to fine-tune their motor skills.

Guaranteed Fun

At Two Bros Bows, we take the business of fun very seriously. With our toy bows, arrows, and devil sticks, your child can unleash their imagination while staying active for guaranteed fun anytime, anyplace. Shop Two Bros Bows today and unleash your child’s creative potential packed with physical and mental health benefits!

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