Toy Bow and Arrows

Made from flexible piping and third-party safety tested, Two Bros Bows toy bow and arrow sets are built to be lightweight and ergonomically friendly for little hands to learn how to hold and steady a bow.

Two Bros Bows toy bow and arrow sets are a kid-invented, mom-approved way to teach kids ages six and up how to master the basics of archery. For easier handling, toy bows come pre-assembled with a foam grip handle and bowstring for a no-hassle setup right out the package. Each toy bow comes equipped with a soft-tip toy arrow, third-party tested for safety.

The Benefits of a Toy Bow and Arrow Set

What was once a necessary means of survival is now enjoyed by kids and adults worldwide as sport. Kids will love to learn the history of how archery came to be, why it was vital to survival and how it has helped humans evolve into what we are today.

Using a toy bow and arrow is a fantastic way to improve focus, hand-eye coordination and upper body strength while teaching the importance of self-confidence and perseverance. Our easy-to-use toy bow and arrow kits can be enjoyed and practiced at any age (6+), discipline and can accommodate many disabilities. Equally as important, kids bow and arrow sets can be enjoyed as a sport or for general play to kickstart your child’s sense of adventure. Younger children will love playing pretend Robin Hood, Merida, or Katniss Everdeen, and older kids can enjoy competitive target practice and spending time outside.

The fun and adventurous design of our toy bows and arrows make it easy to get kids outside and to enjoy all nature has to offer. Your child will love to step out on a bright, sunny morning and practice their archery skills. After lunch they’ll let their imaginations run wild as they imitate their favorite movie or book archery characters in a safe and kid-friendly way. Tap into your child’s imagination with fun games in the woods, at the beach or during a camping trip, or as a way to get them away from screens while still having tons of fun. Toy arrows are soft enough to play with inside on a rainy day and can reduce the risk of injury when little ones are learning archery for the first time. Simply set up the target and aim away!

Toy Bow and Arrow Companions

Elevate the adventure with additional archery items and accessories like kids quivers for archery, additional foam-tipped arrows and kids bow and arrow targets. Waterproof, adjustable strap quiver bags effortlessly hold your young archers' tri-fold target, toy arrows, water bottle and snacks. They’ll love being able to store valuable treasures found along the way while exploring new frontiers.

Two Bros Bows toy bow and arrow sets were created, designed and produced in North Carolina. Today, Two Bros Bows products, including our popular devil sticks are still fully produced in the US, bringing kids of all ages around the world the gift of adventure. Our kids archery sets make great holiday, birthday or special occasion gifts for the little adventurers in your life. Browse our colorful combination sets or mix-and-match toy arrows and bows for a one-of-a-kind look. Our toy bow and arrows are available in vibrant single or multi-colors, animal prints, funky designs, boy and girl camo prints and special characters. Stock up on spare bows, arrows and quiver bags to elevate your child’s play dates or birthday party games! Order your toy bow and arrows today and unleash the spirit of adventure in your child.

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