About The CEO - Elisha Duncan

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In the case of Two Bros Bows, Elisha Duncan is the mother of innovators, and the main influence behind the creation of Two Bros Bows.

With a strong sense of mother’s intuition, Elisha encouraged her young entrepreneurs to follow their passions and bring to life the vibrant toy bow and arrow sets living within their minds. With a $50 loan and her unwavering support, Elisha fueled the boy’s creative tanks with the inspiration, motivation and funding they needed to turn their dreams into an award winning million dollar company, selling kids bow and arrow sets and awakening the spirit of adventure in children across the world.

Elisha’s Picks

We asked Elisha if she had to pick a favorite, what her favorite Two Bros product would be. In true mom fashion, she couldn’t pick just one! 

Because of its versatility, her favorite item out of the Two Bros Bows collection is the quiver bag. Her favorite bow and arrow design to come out of their collection of over 21 designs are the flower bow, because it’s based on the artwork Hayden gave her for Mother’s day. Her other favorite bow is the wildlife bow, which encapsulates the great outdoors children around the world have come to fall in love with when using their Two Bros Bows bow and arrow sets. 

Today, CEO Elisha Duncan oversees the entire Two Bros Bows operation in North Carolina while her kid-trepreneurs Duncan and Hayden continue to dream up and design fun, bright and creative bow and arrow sets to spark your child’s imagination.