Improving Your Devil Stick Routine

At Two Bros Bows, we're passionate about timeless toys and activities that have deep-rooted traditions. This love drives us to offer not just our signature archery products but also juggle sticks, fondly known as devil sticks. These classic toys, far from today's screens and gadgets, inspire kids to unleash their creativity, embrace the outdoors, and stay active. More than just playthings, they bridge conversations among siblings, friends, and families, cultivating a spirit of teamwork and shared fun.

What are Devil Sticks?

If you’ve ever been to a Renaissance Faire, it’s likely that you’ve seen devil sticks. They are comprised of two wooden sticks, one of which is held in each hand, and a third, longer stick, which usually has tassels, soft balls, or in some cases, even fire (don’t worry, we don’t sell those!), on each end. The goal is to juggle the middle stick back and forth between the two side sticks with the goal of completing tricks.

It's not difficult to get the juggle stick going back and forth between the two hand-held sticks, but learning different tricks and making an entertaining routine can be difficult. Here are some of our best tips for upping your devil's sticks game.

The Basics: How to Juggle Devil Sticks

When you’re just starting out, it’s important to master the basics of juggling your devil sticks before trying any other tricks. The easiest way to do this is to set your two handheld sticks aside and start only with the longer middle stick. Put one end of the stick on the ground, and using your hands, start to push it back and forth between your hands so that it begins to move like a pendulum.

Once you’ve mastered this, you can pick up your hand-held sticks and begin to do the same, still keeping one end of the middle stick on the ground. Once you feel comfortable doing this, you can try to lift the middle stick off of the ground so that it’s flying through the air between your two handsticks.

Devil Stick Tricks: How To Improve Your Routine

There are various devil stick tricks you can learn and string together to create a fun, challenging, and entertaining routine. However, this will only work if you first master the basics. One common mistake is getting overexcited about all of the advanced devil stick tricks and trying to achieve them without having a solid foundation of basic technique. You don’t want to rush into complicated maneuvers until you’re comfortable and confident with the basic movements and skills. That said, once you’ve mastered the basics, here are some fun skills to try out:

Skyward Toss: Get your devil stick on top of both of your handsticks. Then, using equal force from each handstick, propel the devil stick straight into the air, catching it once again with your handsticks.

180 Degree Spin: While juggling the devil stick, raise one handstick slightly higher than the other. This causes the handstick to make contact with the devil stick at a different angle and will propel the devil stick into a 180-degree turn. You can then catch the stick as usual and continue juggling. If you simply lift the handstick a little higher and use a little more force, you can also create an impressive 360-degree spin.

Pirouette: In this trick, the devil stick doesn’t do the spinning; you do. In order to execute this cool-looking trick, toss the devil stick high up in the air. Before it comes down, spin your body around in a full circle, and then catch the devil stick with your hand sticks.

Your Imagination is the Limit

Don’t stop here. There are tons of unique devil stick tricks out there, ready to be learned. But, even better, why not see what sorts of tricks you can invent using your own imagination? One of the best things about devil sticks is that there aren’t any hard and fast directions or rules you have to follow.

Try everything you can imagine. Let your mind and your own unique ideas help you create an impressive and completely one-of-a-kind devil stick routine. Get started today with juggle sticks from Two Bros Bows. Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you’d like to share your devil sticks routine with us. Happy juggling!

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