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The perfect gift box set for the holidays! Give the gift of endless outdoor fun.

FAQs About Our Archery Set Options

What comes with a standard bow set?

Each bow set comes with a bow, a tri-fold target, and two foam-tipped arrows. The colors of the arrows and the bow depend on the set, and we have many options available.

What comes with a deluxe archery set for kids?

Our deluxe sets are designed to give your child everything they need to start their journey into archery. Each set includes a bow, three foam-tipped arrows, a corresponding quiver bag, and our tri-fold target. This is the ultimate gift for the adventurer in your family.

What ages are these boxed sets made for?

Our archery equipment is perfect for children aged six and up. However, we believe that anyone can enjoy archery, and because our foam-tipped arrows are super safe, even teens and adults can get in on the fun!

How many bow and arrow designs do you have?

We have dozens of different colors and patterns for you to choose from, so there's sure to be something that your child will love. We even have glow-in-the-dark quiver bags and arrows, which allow you and your kids to have fun at night. Plus, you can mix and match individual components to build the boxed set of your child's dreams!

How many arrows fit into a quiver bag?

Our bags are designed to fit as many as five foam-tipped arrows. They also work for snacks and water bottles if your little one wants to take them out and about without their bow or arrows.

Are these boxed sets made for indoor or outdoor use?

Both! Because our arrows are so soft and safe, they can work inside or outside. That said, if you plan to set up an archery course indoors, we recommend removing any fragile items that can get knocked over.

Can my child use their bow and arrow without a quiver?

Yes, the quiver only adds to the fun of archery by allowing your little one to feel like they're the real deal. With a quiver strapped to their back, they can imagine themselves as their favorite archer character in action.

Is one target enough for archery?

One target is more than enough to help your children practice the basics and master their shot accuracy. However, we recommend buying multiple targets if you want to set up an archery range. This way, you can place targets at different distances, giving your little ones the chance to practice their shot accordingly. However, you can also use household items as targets if you like, thanks to the safety of our foam-tipped arrows.

Should I buy a boxed set for each of my kids?

It's up to you, but we highly recommend buying at least a bow for each child. This way, they can make the bow their own and not have to share. From there, it's up to you whether they can accessorize with a quiver bag and matching arrows. Fortunately, there are so many designs that it's easy to pick out bows for each child that match their personality and preferences.

At Two Bros Bows, we believe archery is a valuable skill that all children should learn. Our boxed sets are the perfect way to introduce them to the sport, and we're more than happy to help you find the right one for your kids. today to learn more!

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