3 DIY Halloween Costumes with Bows & Arrows

October means more than just pumpkin spice lattes and sweater weather. It also means it’s time for the kiddos (and grown-ups too!) to start thinking about this year’s Halloween costumes. 

As your source for kid’s bow and arrow sets, we thought we’d weigh in with some of our favorite bow-inspired Halloween costumes to try this year. This year, we’re focusing on costumes you can easily DIY. 

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3 Bow-Weilding Costumes to DIY this Halloween

Link from The Legend of Zelda

A bow is one of the most effective long-range weapons in Zelda games, and makes the perfect accessory when dressing as Link for Halloween. Outfitting yourself or your kiddo as Link is incredibly simple. All you need is an oversized green t-shirt (we recommend cutting the hems of the sleeves at an angle to give it a tunic-style look), gray leggings or pants, and a brown belt and some boots to tie it all together. 

Throw one of our quiver bags full of soft-tipped arrows on your back and you’re all set to head out on a trick-or-treating adventure.

Jungle Safari Guide

A jungle safari is a dream vacation for many. If a trip to the Serengeti isn’t on your calendar yet, that’s okay - we can bring the safari to you! Our safari bow and arrow with cheetah print is the perfect starting point for your safari guide costume. From there, find a pair of binoculars to hang around your neck, a walkie-talkie to clip to your shoulder, and a set of khakis a la The Crocodile Hunter. A safari hat will really tie the whole look together. 

Halloween Superhero

Who says that your Halloween costume has to be based off of a real person or character? Sometimes the best costume is the one that makes the least amount of sense. Head to your closet or the nearest thrift shop and piece together a colorful collection of clothing that represents all of your favorite superheroes. Maybe you’ll have a cape, a mask, or a spandex costume. Either way, make sure your quiver bag is loaded up with arrows and ready to fight crime on Halloween! Our spooky Halloween combo set is perfect for this costume, as it has a little bit of everything with skulls, glow-in-the-dark spider webs, and Halloween-colored arrows. 

Create Your DIY Halloween Costume with Two Bros Bows Today!

Start building your costume now with the help of Two Bros Bows, your source for kid-friendly bow and arrows. Available in dozens of designs and colors, your kiddo can find the perfect archery set regardless of who (or what!) they’re dressing up as for Halloween this year. 

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