5 Fun Games You Can Play With Our Toy Bow & Arrows

How cool would it be for your kiddos to go on a wild safari hunt, star in their own adventure movie and compete one-on-one in a game of H.O.R.S.E all before lunch, and without ever leaving the yard? Well now they can, with kids bow and arrow sets from Two Bros Bows! 

Our unique youth archery bows and toy arrows allow kids five and up to harness a love of adventure and imagination all while sharpening their hand-eye coordination and beginner archery skills without even knowing it! Whether they’re new to the world of archery or are looking for some new games to play with their existing kids archery sets, we’ve got the best bow and arrow games to play that they’ll love! Here are five unique archery games your kiddos can try today!

Safari Hunter

Place stuffed animals in different places around the yard, behind trees or stumps and have the kids try to hit the targets with their toy bow and arrow set. The first person to hit all targets is the  winner! This simple game will help improve patience and hand-eye coordination as they steady their bow and shoot at the target. Your kids will love that they can pretend to hunt like dad and you’ll love that they’re using safe and fun bow and arrow sets to work on important mental and physical skills.

Robin Hood

Challenging distance and ability is the name of this game! Kids will love quickly reaching for their bows from their youth archery back quiver and quickly shooting their target. To play, start 5 to 10 yards from the target and take turns shooting. All players who hit the target can move onto the next distance. Last kid standing or, whoever stays in the game the longest is the ultimate Robin Hood!

Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are a fantastic, scalable option for any age group to be challenged by and enjoy. To play, set up five targets around the yard with obstacles or challenges between each one. The mission is to complete the obstacle course in the fastest time and with the most accuracy possible. For example, between obstacle one and two, your young archer may have to do 10 jumping jacks before taking a shot at their target. If they hit the bullseye, continue on. If they missed, then add two seconds to their time for each ring the arrow is from the bullseye. This is a fantastic way to teach your child how to focus under pressure in a safe and controlled environment!  


Traditionally played on the basketball court, H.O.R.S.E is a mimicking game. To play, you’ll need two or more players. One player starts (oldest to youngest, youngest to oldest, flip a coin, etc) by choosing a position, distance, or any silly way to shoot at their target. If the first player successfully hits the bullseye, the next player must repeat the same pose, at the same distance, and hit the target. If they fail to do so, they get an “H” and the first player gets to choose the next shot. If the second player hits the target on the first try, they get to pick the next pose and distance. The first person to spell H.O.R.S.E loses! This is a great way to utilize the bow and arrow for kids who are still learning to play fairly with others.


The pressure is on with the clock game! This is a game that can be played individually or in groups. To play, each player must shoot at any target as many times as possible in one minute. Whoever shoots the most arrows before the clock runs out is the winner! Clock is a great way to improve speed and focus.

Whether you’re headed for the mountains or the sea, your kids can take Two Bros Bows youth archery sets with them for fun on the go. Browse our extensive collection of unique and eye-popping kids bow and arrow sets for your little ones to enjoy any time, any place!

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