5 Summer Camp Activities to do at Home

Summer camp is a time-honored tradition for many kids, but it's not always possible to attend. Whether you missed the deadline to register for local summer camps or it's simply not in the summer budget this year, there's no need to miss out on the fun. With a little creativity, you can bring the best parts of summer camp right to your backyard with these 5 summer camp activities for kids.

5 Summer Camp Activities Your Kids Can Do at Home

At summer camp, kids get to enjoy all sorts of fun activities they might not have the opportunity to do at home. From canoeing and hiking to arts and crafts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. If your child isn't heading off to camp this summer (or if they are and are begging for more things to do) here are five summer camp activities for kids that you can do to make the most of your summer.

1. Go on a Nature Hike

Take advantage of the great outdoors and explore your neighborhood or a local park. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife and see if you can identify any plants or trees. Don't forget to bring along a field guide to help with identification. 

2. Do Arts and Crafts

Get creative and do some art projects inspired by nature. Use sticks and stones to create sculptures or leaves and flowers to make collages. Another fun craft is to make homemade friendship bracelets. All you need is some colorful string and a few simple knots, and your child can make beautiful bracelets for all their friends.

3. Go Stargazing

Lie down on the grass and look up at the stars on a clear night. See if you can spot any constellations or shooting stars. Take this summer camp activity to the next level by camping in your backyard. Pitch a tent and grab a sleeping bag like they do at summer camp!

4. Learn New Skills

Some of the best summer camp activities teach kids new skills. You can do that at home by practicing archery! All you need is a kid’s bow and arrows set to learn and master the skill of archery. Once everyone has had a chance to practice, you can host an archery competition to see who can hit the target the most.

5. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Fill up some water balloons and let the battle begin! This is one of the summer camp activities kids look forward to the most. Plus, it is sure to cool everyone off on a hot summer day. You can also do a water balloon toss. Have two people toss a water balloon back and forth while slowly getting further and further away from each other. Whoever can throw it the farthest without the balloon breaking wins! 

Want to take it even further? Play water balloon skeet shooting. See who can use their foam-tipped bow and arrow to knock a water balloon out of the sky! 

6. Host a Backyard Talent Show

A backyard talent show is a great way to show off your hidden talents and have some fun at the same time. To get started, invite your kid’s friends and family to your house for the show. Then, set up a stage in your backyard (or anywhere else you have space). Finally, ask everyone to sign up to perform their talent. This can be anything from singing and dancing to stand-up comedy to juggling! Purchase a pair of devil sticks for kids and teach your child how to juggle for the talent show.

Enjoy a Camp-Inspired Summer with Two Bros Bows

At Two Bros Bows, we love discovering new summer camp activities for kids to enjoy at home! To us, the best activities are fun and challenging, enjoyable and educational–that’s why we consider archery and juggling two of the best summer camp activities you can do in your backyard. Shop all of our bow and arrows and devil sticks to find the styles and designs that fit your child’s personality.

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