6 Best Unique Kid Gift Ideas

What do you give to a kid who has everything? Where do you find cool kid gifts that won’t just get shoved in the back of the closet, never to be seen again? Whether you are looking for a cool new toy to keep your child entertained or unique gift ideas for kids for a special occasion, we’ve got the answers. From toys that encourage creativity to outdoor activities that get them moving to innovative and educational options, here are six cool gift ideas for kids.

6 Unique Gifts for Kids They’ll Actually Use

If you’re looking for out-of-the-box, unique gift ideas for kids, you’ve come to the right place. This list of cool gift ideas for kids includes educational, creative, and active gift ideas, depending on what your child enjoys. Whether you’re shopping for cool kid gifts for your children or to give as a present to someone else’s, these items are sure to do the trick.

1. Art Supplies

Art supplies are always a great choice when looking for unique gifts for kids. But to make the present genuinely special, you’ll need to think beyond a sketch pad and some colored pencils. Rather than coloring on paper, purchase a gift like coloring pajamas, coloring pillowcases, or coloring bags for your child to express their creativity on a unique canvas.

2. Bow and Arrow Set

A toy bow and arrow is a great gift idea because it’s unique, enjoyable, and gets your kiddo outside to play. Practicing archery promotes hand-eye coordination, self-confidence, focus, and patience. So, while your child is having fun aiming for the bullseye on their kids bow and arrow target, you’ll know they’re also developing essential skills. At Two Bros Bows, you can get a safe and high-quality kids bow and arrow set and extra foam-tipped arrows for the perfect gift. 

3. Gardening Kit

A gardening kit is the perfect gift idea if your child likes to be outdoors but isn’t interested in athletic activities. Purchase some flower, fruit, and veggie seeds, kid-sized gardening gloves, age-appropriate tools (like a small shovel), and a watering can. Who knows, you may find that your child has a green thumb you never knew about!

4. Juggling Sticks

If you’re looking for educational and developmental unique gift ideas for kids that are also really fun, juggling sticks are a great option. Practicing juggling is challenging and rewarding for kids. Plus, it promotes balance and hand-eye coordination while developing motor skills essential for playing sports or instruments. At Two Bros Bows, our devil sticks are designed for fun, safe outdoor play your child will enjoy. 

5. Bedroom Makeover Decorations

Finding cool gift ideas for kids that aren’t so little anymore can be a challenge. What do you get a pre-teen who thinks they’re too cool for everything? Bedroom decorations are an excellent choice. Find out what theme your child would like their room to be, and get posters, a rug, wall hangings, bedding, and more that represents their latest obsession. 

6. Book Making Kit

While your child might not need another book to read, they may enjoy writing and illustrating their own! A bookmaking kit for kids puts a creative spin on reading. Help your child foster creativity, develop their writing skills, and complete a project they can be proud of with this unique gift idea.

While it’s not always easy finding cool kid gifts for your children or their friends, this list of six unique gifts for kids is the perfect place to start looking. Be sure to check out our selection of fun, outdoor gift ideas for kids of any age!

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