7 Gift Ideas for the Adventurer Kid

As any parent of an adventurous kid knows, they are always on the go and searching for new challenges. If you're looking for a gift to help them explore their world, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for seven gift ideas for the adventurer kid they will enjoy for years to come.

7 Gift Ideas for the Adventurer Kid

Shopping for kids can be challenging, especially if they're the adventurous type. Here are a few suggestions if you're looking for gift ideas for the adventurer kid in your life.

1. Camping Kit

An excellent place to start is with a basic camping kit. This can include a tent, sleeping bag, and flashlight. If your child is old enough, you might also consider adding a small stove and some basic cookware. And you can’t go wrong with including all the fixings needed to make delicious s’mores by a campfire. 

2. Backpack with Adventuring Supplies

Adventurers also need supplies, of course. Fill a small backpack or daypack with your kid’s favorite snacks, a water bottle, and other essential adventuring supplies. A compass can help them navigate the backyard. A simple set of binoculars can open up a whole new world of exploration. And a flashlight can extend their adventures into the nighttime hours. You might even throw in a small first-aid kit in case an adventure gets out of hand.

3. Kids’ Bow and Arrow Set

If you’re looking for a new way to entertain your adventurous child, consider purchasing a kids’ bow and arrow set to teach them archery skills. Each Two Bros Bows archery set comes with a bow, three foam-tipped arrows, a quiver bag, and a target to practice. Shooting a bow and arrow offers a unique way for your child to hone their adventure skills.

4. Fishing Rod or Net 

A fishing rod is an excellent gift for any kid who loves adventure. It's a great way to get them outside, enjoying the great outdoors. Plus, it's a perfect opportunity to bond with nature. Fishing teaches kids about patience, responsibility, and respect for the environment. And, it's a lot of fun! So, as you gather gift ideas for the adventurer kid, consider a fishing rod or net for younger adventurers. 

5. New Adventure Clothes

Safe adventures start with having the right clothes to protect kids from the elements and the right shoes for the terrain. That’s what makes adventure gear a great gift idea for the adventurer kid. Whether it’s a new pair of hiking boots, an adventure hat, or a safari vest with pockets to carry things they find during exploration, your kid will love it.

6. Walkie-Talkies

Nowadays, almost everyone communicates via cell phone, but there isn’t always cell service out in the woods. (And even if there is, it can be fun to pretend there isn’t.) Give your kid a set of walkie-talkies for an old-school way of communicating while adventuring.

7. Books About Adventure

If your little one enjoys exploring the outdoors, they will also enjoy reading stories of great explorations. That’s what makes adventure books excellent gift ideas for the adventurer kid. Little explorers may enjoy story books, while older kids may benefit from more educational books, like camping guides, wilderness survival guides, or other books related to their interests, whether hiking, fishing, bird watching, or something else. 

Start Shopping for Your Adventurer Kid at Two Bros Bows

At Two Bros Bows, we are passionate about finding gift ideas for the adventurer kid to pique their interest and encourage them to try new things. With these gift ideas, the adventurer kid in your life will be ready to explore the great outdoors–or just the backyard–with confidence. You can start shopping for them today by exploring our collection of kids bow and arrows!  

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