Archery History: Celebrating National Archery Day

National Archery Day is May 8th, and the Two Bros Bows team is ready to celebrate! Of course, we’d like you to join in on the action–so consider this your personal invitation to get outside and experience the fun of shooting a kids archery set

Before you go, let’s celebrate National Archery Day together with a brief lesson in archery history, how archery has changed over time, and how you can get in on the fun in your own community!

A Brief Lesson in Archery History

Did you know that archery is one of the oldest arts in the world? It’s true! The earliest records of bow and arrows date back to 20,000 BC, where primitive pictures on a cave wall in Spain depicted bows and arrows. The first evidence of civilizations using bows and arrows dates back to Egypt in the late Paleolithic period (10,000 BC), where Egyptian and Nubian cultures would use bows and arrows for hunting and warfare. 

The next earliest account of archery takes us to China’s Shang and Zhou dynasties. In Asian culture, these primitive hunting tools were also used for sport, specifically in a martial arts ritual known as Kyudo–the way of the bow. In fact, modern Kyudo is a martial arts ritual still practiced today!

As time passed, bows and arrows would make their way to the Middle East, where their use in hunting and warfare would continue to develop for centuries.

As human understanding of technology developed, especially by the 16th century, these ancient tools primarily used for hunting and war would begin to be replaced by firearms–but this wouldn’t be the end of bow and arrows! In 1537, these tools, once necessary for survival, would become one of today’s most popular sports by order of England’s King Henry VIII after he established the world’s first archery society. By 1600, archery would become a competitive sport, and the rest is history!

How Has Archery Changed Over Time?

Since its earliest beginnings, the sport of archery has changed (and improved) dramatically. From the evolution of bow technology and archer technique to the global network of archery organizations, archery is a sport thousands of years in the making. Today, archery is enjoyed by children as young as five with kids bow and arrow sets to professionally trained archers who have competed on the Olympics world stage since 1896. As time went on, archery would transform from a sport for the elite to a sport where anyone, anywhere, could take part in the fun, whether it be at home in their own backyard or as part of a larger archery community or organization.

Celebrate National Archery Day Every Day with Two Bros Bows!

Whether you are new to the world of archery or have been an archer for quite some time, you can spread the joy of archery by teaching someone new about the sport with a bit of help from Two Bros Bows! Around here, we believe archery is the best way to unlock imagination and creativity while enjoying the great outdoors, and our toy bows and arrows for kids are a safe and super fun way to invite the next generation to become part of the archery history.

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Archery Day, we encourage you to spread the word about the fascinating archery history and the benefits of archery. Who knows, maybe you will inspire the next best archer to take a shot at one of the oldest sports in the world!

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