Balancing Archery and Digital Gaming: How Bow and Arrow Sets Keep Traditional Play Alive

Balancing Archery and Digital Gaming: How Bow and Arrow Sets Keep Traditional Play Alive 

With the advent and evolution of video games, kids can now have exposure to the use of bow and arrows easier than ever before. Archery video games continue to grow in popularity, with well-known and loved video games such as The Last of Us, Minecraft, and Legend of Zelda all featuring characters that use bows and arrows as their weapon of choice.

However, a child can only learn so much about the rich tradition of archery from archery games. Learning what buttons to press to fire an arrow accurately can’t compare with the feeling of tension on your bow, or the feel of an arrow in your hand as you pull it from your quiver.

Sitting staring at a screen can’t compare with spending time outside in the fresh air and sunshine as you gather your arrows and pick up your bow. Video games can teach aim by showing children how to lock in on their target and fire, but it isn’t the same as using your own senses, calculations, strength, and estimations to attempt to fire the perfect arrow at your target in the perfect direction to strike with maximum impact.

Traditional Play Matters

Clearly, the traditional practice of learning to use a real, tangible bow and arrow set offers benefits, lessons, and experiences that digital gaming just isn’t able to compete with. There’s something about learning how to execute a concrete, measurable skill and the satisfaction that comes with achieving that goal.

There are calculations in real-life archery that an archer must consider, that aren’t as crucial in an archery game, as the gaming system often assists in the calculation process and helps you to fire accurately. The pride and sense of accomplishment a child feels when learning how to use their bow and arrow is something that can’t be replicated in a digital environment.

Video Games Can Be Helpful, Too

This all isn’t to say that there’s not a place for video games in the life of a contemporary child. In fact, the integration of archery video games, in conjunction with learning the real practice of archery can help children to entertain possibilities that go beyond their reality.

A video game can give a child permission to imagine themselves as a hero or villain, equipped with a bow and arrow. Video games in historical settings can be a jumping off point for children to become curious about the rich history and traditions the art of archery is steeped in.

Room for Both

Ideally, parents and children can enjoy a combination of real-life archery training, using our toy bows, foam arrows, and archery combo sets as well as context from video games to get and keep kids interested in archery. To learn more about how our unique foam-tipped bow and arrow sets can introduce your children to archery, contact us today!

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