Bridging the Gap: Combining Digital Gaming Skills with Archery Practice

Whatever your opinions on digital gaming, it’s here in a big way, and it’s here to stay. Digital gaming may get a bad rap, but when used correctly, and in conjunction with screen-free play and exploration, it can actually offer all sorts of benefits to developing children.

While many adults may think of digital gaming as an inferior alternative to the traditional, open-ended, outdoor play of generations past, gaming in small amounts doesn’t have to be harmful or detrimental. Instead, try to think of digital gaming as a supplement to traditional play, rather than a replacement.

One valuable element that digital gaming can offer children is encouragement to expand their world view outside of their own limited knowledge base. Playing games that take place in different worlds, time periods, realms, and circumstances allow children to use their imaginations to envision what life was like in the past, could be like in the future, or is like in lands far from their own.

The Best of Both Worlds

There’s no argument that archery training in the real world is far superior to any kind of bow shooting that a child can learn from a video game. Digital games can’t recreate the tangible aspects of archery, such as the weight of an arrow in the archer’s hand, the tension on the bow as it’s drawn back, or the “whoosh!” of the air as the arrow sails toward its target.

There’s no equivalent in the digital world to important training tools like a bow trainer. These real-world practices and tools can’t be replicated in a strictly digital world.

However, video games can have an important role in real life archery training. Games that feature archers as characters can be many children’s first introduction to archery. They can allow kids to see themselves in a new light – as heroes or villains that expertly handle their bows and arrows as adeptly as an old pro. While learning to use a bow and arrow in real life, their burgeoning skills can be reinforced, and their interest intensified by playing digital games that involve archery.

A Delicate Balance

The key here is always maintaining a balance between digital gaming, and real-world experience. One without the other offers a glimpse into the world of archery, but together, they can provide a fuller picture of the traditions, sport, art, and history of the sport. Pair these with some informational history lessons or books about the rich history of archery to get your kids even more interested in this centuries-old pastime.

It Starts With The Bow and Arrow

Archery can’t happen without the essential tools of the trade – a bow and arrow. Gift the littlest archers in your life with one of our foam arrows or bow and arrow sets to set them on the path to a lifelong love and appreciation of archery. Check out our collections today to find the perfect piece for the aspiring archers in your life.

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