DIY: Build Your Own Archery Course At Home

Archery is an excellent activity for kids of all ages. It helps improve hand-eye coordination and fosters a sense of focus and concentration. In addition, archery is a great way to teach kids about safety. They will learn how to safely handle and use their own kid's bow and arrow, as well as the importance of following safety rules. One of the best ways to practice archery is to build your own archery course at home. Keep reading to learn the three essential elements of an archery course for kids.

3 Things You Need for an Awesome Archery Course for Kids

Learning how to shoot a bow and arrow takes patience and practice. But with an exciting archery course in your backyard, your kids will enjoy the challenge. Here are three things you need to create a fun space for archery. 

1. A Big Open Area 

Safety should be a top priority when creating an archery course for kids. Make sure to choose a safe location for your course, away from busy roads or other hazards. Where you place your targets throughout your yard is also important. Even though a kids’ archery set doesn’t use real arrows, it’s still best to practice safe shooting. So, make sure the targets are located strategically away from houses and high foot traffic areas like sidewalks. It’s also essential to ensure your kids won’t hit anything (or anyone) if they miss the target to the right or left or shoot beyond it. 

2. Multiple Targets 

An archery course with at least one target is a great starting point. However, consider setting up multiple targets at varying distances to make things more challenging. At Two Bros Bows, we have three different targets: the trifold target, large target, and flat target. Multiple targets also provide an opportunity for more kids to practice their archery skills together. You can purchase extra kids' bow and arrow targets and foam-tipped arrows for everyone to enjoy. 

3. Obstacles to Make it More Challenging

When most people think of archery, they envision a static target in an open field. However, archery can also be a dynamic and challenging sport, particularly when played on an obstacle course. When creating an obstacle archery course, the first step is to map out the playing area. The course should include a variety of obstacles that encourage the players to move around and change their shot angles.

A few simple obstacles might include low walls, barrels, and hanging targets. Once the playing area is mapped out, the next step is to set up the targets. Begin by placing the targets at different distances from the start line. Then, add additional challenges by angling the targets or placing them behind objects. Finally, make sure to provide a safe space for players to retrieve their arrows. With a bit of planning, it's easy to create an obstacle archery course that everyone will enjoy.

Build a DIY Archery Course in Your Backyard with Help from Two Bros Bows

With an archery course in your backyard, your kids will enjoy spending time outdoors, getting exercise, and mastering the skill of shooting a bow and arrow. At Two Bros Bows, we have all the essentials you need to get started, including kids’ bows, foam-tipped arrows, and different-sized targets. Plus, you can choose from multiple colors and designs your kiddo will love. With these essentials in place, you can create a DIY archery course for kids that’s fun and challenging. Who knows? Maybe you’ll enjoy trying your hand at archery, too!

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