Fun and Safe Archery Games for Kids

You’ve gotten your kids their own bow and arrow sets, and you’ve watched them turn into curious and enthusiastic little archers. They’ve learned the basics of how to load the bow and shoot the arrows, so now what?

Luckily, learning the proper technique is just the beginning. Now is when you and your family and friends can really start to have fun. There are so many archery games and fun spins on archery target games that you and yours can stay entertained for hours!

How to Play Archery Games

Archery games tend to have simple rules, making them accessible and fun for archers of all ages and skill levels. Because our arrows are felt-tipped, you don’t have to worry about rogue arrows causing any injuries or property damage. This means you can focus on what’s most important – having some wholesome family fun!

Our Favorite Archery Games

While there are countless archery games out there, ready and waiting to be played, we’ve put together a list of just a few of our Two Bros Bows favorites.


If you’ve ever played basketball, you may be familiar with the game of HORSE. The rules for playing this are basically identical. This is a game played between two people (although it can be played with two teams if many archers want to participate.) The first archer chooses a target and can shoot at it from any distance and with any style they desire. If they successfully hit the target, the second player must successfully replicate that shot. If the second player doesn’t replicate the shot, they will be given the letter “H.”

If the first archer is unsuccessful in making their shot, then the second archer may take any shot they choose, and if they make it, the first archer must replicate it or be given an “H.” The game continues on this way – trying to replicate each other's shots, with each miss being given another letter in the word HORSE. Whichever player or team accumulates H-O-R-S-E first has lost.

Backyard Mini Olympics

This is another two-person game, but it can easily be played in a tournament format, with the winner of each round advancing to the next level until a champion is crowned. In this game, different challenges can be set up around the yard. These can mimic the actual components of an Olympic competition, but we have the most fun when we get creative with tasks and skills to be tested.

You can include distance shooting, precision shooting, shooting at moving targets, or even shooting at stationary targets while running, kneeling, or lying down. The possibilities are endless. See where your imagination takes you with this fun and competitive game.

Archery Golf

Set a cup or cups up in different areas of your yard, mimicking different holes on a golf course. At each hole, players shoot their arrow, trying to get it as close to the cup as possible, with the end goal being to sink the arrow into the cup. At the end of each hole, count how many strokes (or shots) it took for each player to get the arrow into the cup. Just like golf, the lowest score wins.

Archery Tag

This is basically paintball but with bows and arrows. The more obstacles and hiding places you can set up in your playing field, the better. Players are divided into two teams, with the goal of hitting the opposing team with arrows. Whatever team is left standing at the end are the victors. (Please be sure to wear protective glasses and any other necessary protective gear when playing this to avoid injuries.)

Robin Hood

This game is simple but oh-so-fun and can really get those competitive juices flowing. Robin Hood is a group game – the more, the merrier. Participants begin by taking turns shooting at a stationary target from a close range. Anyone who misses is eliminated. Those who survive move to the next round, in which they’ll shoot from 10 feet further away from the target. This will continue on round by round – those who miss are eliminated, and those who succeed shoot from 10 feet further away in the next round – until there is only one contestant left. This player is the victor and is given the title of “Robin Hood.”

Tic Tac Toe

For this two-person game, all you need is a piece of wood or cardboard with a tic-tac-toe board drawn on it. Competitors take turns shooting their arrows into different tic-tac-toe squares. Because our arrows are felt-tipped and won’t stick on the board, assign each player as either team “X” or team “O” and write these in with a marker or chalk when a box is hit. Whoever achieves three in a row first is the winner.

Ready to Ignite the Archer Within?

Dive into a world of thrilling archery games and let your child's imagination soar. From the classic H.O.R.S.E to our very own Robin Hood challenge, there's endless fun waiting for every budding archer. Don't just watch from the sidelines; be part of the adventure. Grab your Two Bros Bows set, and let the games begin! Contact us today, and we’ll help get your family started on their archery journey.

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