Fun Birthday Party Game Ideas For Kids

Are you looking for fun and unique birthday party game ideas for your child’s next birthday? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’re sharing some of our favorite game ideas that are sure to get the party started and keep kids entertained all day long. So, whether you are hosting a small gathering or a large party, be sure to check out our suggestions for the best birthday party games for kids. Happy planning!

5 Birthday Party Games for Kids 

The best birthday party games keep kids outdoors and entertained for hours. These five birthday party game ideas are perfect for kids of all ages and provide a fun, challenging, and exciting birthday experience. 

1. Play Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a classic game that you can play with a small or large group of kids. It utilizes two teams with the same amount of players. Each team has a “flag” (flag, bandana, t-shirt, etc.) that they hide somewhere. The goal is for each team to “capture” the other team’s flag without getting tagged and sent to “jail.” If a player gets sent to “jail,” a teammate can “break them out” if they don’t get caught in the process. Whichever team successfully “captures the flag” of the other team and makes it back to their home base first wins the game!

2. Have a Juggling Competition

Juggling at birthday parties isn’t just for clowns! With kid’s devil sticks, you can have a juggling competition at your child’s next birthday party. Even if you only have one set of sticks, you can set a timer to see who can juggle the sticks the longest without dropping them and hand out prizes for the best times! Juggling is challenging, but it’s one of the most fun birthday party games for kids.

3. Go on a Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is one of the best birthday party game ideas for kids because there are so many things they can “hunt.” If you’re planning on handing out goodie bags at the party, a treasure hunt is a fun way for the children to find their goodies instead. You can create a map of the hidden treasures for younger kids to find. For older kids, offer clues and riddles they have to solve to locate the whereabouts of their goodies. 

4. Do a Water Balloon Toss

If you’re looking for fun birthday party games for the summer, have a water balloon toss. Pair each child up with a friend and give them one water balloon to toss back and forth. The goal of the game is to see who can toss the balloon the longest without it breaking while at the same time stepping further and further away from their partner. Someone is bound to get a little wet during this game, so be sure to have towels ready!

5. Shoot a Toy Bow and Arrow

Setting up a kids bow and arrow during the birthday party is a great way to keep kiddos entertained for hours. All you need are one of our toy bow and arrow sets, extra foam-tipped arrows, and a toy bow and arrow target. Have the children take turns trying to hit the bullseye and offer prizes for those that do. With these five birthday party games for kids, your child’s party will be enjoyable for everyone! 

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