Fun Games for a Kid's Birthday Party

When selecting kid's birthday party games for your child’s next party, you can’t go wrong with the classics. But you also want to keep the kids entertained with new, competitive, and active activities. Keep reading for some of our favorite birthday party games for kids that everyone will enjoy.

5 Fun Birthday Party Games for Kids of All Ages

It can be tough to come up with fun games for a kid's birthday party that will please all the guests, but we've got you covered! Here are five birthday party games for kids that will have them laughing and playing all party long.

1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This classic game is a sure-fire hit with kids of all ages. All you need is a donkey poster and a blindfold. Have the birthday child go first, then let each guest take a turn. The guest who gets the closest to pinning the donkey's tail where it’s supposed to go is the winner. If your child has a favorite animal, you can use that too! Pin the tail on the pig, horse, dog, or another animal makes an excellent birthday party game for kids!

2. Musical Chairs

Another classic birthday party game is musical chairs using your child’s favorite music. The object of the game is simple: to always find a chair. The catch is that there’s always one fewer chair than players, so someone is always left without a seat. When the music starts, everyone walks around the chairs until it suddenly stops. At that point, everyone rushes to sit down in the nearest chair. The person without a chair is eliminated from the game and must remove one of the chairs from the circle. The music starts again, and the process repeats. The winner is the last person sitting!

3. Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is one of the best kid's birthday party games that can last a while, depending on how hard you make it. You can hide multiple items in different rooms or hide clues to find the treasure at the end. If you’re not sure what to hide, consider making the “treasure” the birthday party favor bags. It’s a fun way for the kids to work together to find something everyone can enjoy at the end.

4. Balloon Burst

This is one of the best kid’s birthday party games because you can adjust it for various ages. Here’s how to set it up and play:

  • Write “challenges” on paper and put them inside balloons 
  • Blow up the balloons and tie them with the challenges inside
  • Choose one balloon at a time and have the kids bop it in the air to music
  • When the music stops, whoever was the last to touch the balloon must pop it and do the challenge 

This game can last for hours, depending on how many balloons with challenges you make! Some ideas for the challenges inside include:

    • Trivia questions–this is great for older kids; you can write trivia questions about a popular TV show, movie, or book
    • Physical tests–have them try to lick their elbow or touch their tongue to their nose
    • Silly actions–this is great for younger kids; have them act like a chicken/dog/elephant/etc. or show off their favorite dance move

5. Skills Competition

If you’re looking for birthday party games for kids who are a bit older, you can get creative and put together a skills competition. Some ideas of activities to include are:

  • Bow and Arrow Distance Shot Competition–who can hit the target from the furthest away
  • Juggling Competition–who can juggle the longest without dropping the devil sticks
  • Hula Hoop Competition–who can hula hoop the longest without the hoop falling down
  • Bow and Arrow Target Competition–who can get the closest to the bullseye
  • Egg and Spoon Race–who can get to the finish line fastest without dropping the egg; turn it into a team effort by making it a relay race

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