Teaching Your Kids Bow and Arrow Safety

Before your child begins their archery journey with a kids’ archery set, it’s important they fully understand the general safety rules for archery to best keep them and their pals as safe as possible, whether they’re using real or toy bows and arrows. 

Today, we’ll discuss the archery safety rules and safe bow and arrow practices your kids need to know for a safe and fun time learning archery.

General Safety Rules for Archery

We encourage your child to learn these important bow and arrow safety rules (and general safety rules for archery) so when they move up to the real thing, they’ll know all the bow and arrow safety tips like the back of their hand.

Bow and Arrow Safety Rules For Your Child to Learn

  • Bow and arrow safety tip number one is to have your child inspect their bow and arrow before each use. If any cracks or splits are present, discontinue use until they are fixed
  • Never point a bow at anyone, even if it is without an arrow and even if you’re just pretending. This can make others feel uneasy. 
  • Since it is impossible to determine where arrows will land when it’s shot into the air, your child should never fire arrows into the air, not even toy arrows
  • Dry firing is when you pull your bowstring back and release the tension without an arrow loaded. Never do this, as it could result in a broken bow or finger injury.
  • The only time an arrow should be pulled back is when the bow is facing the ground. This reduces the chance of slipping and shooting an arrow not intended to be shot, which could in turn hurt someone.
  • Your child should only use their bow and arrow, and never use a bow with a higher maximum draw weight than what your child is used to.
  • Never overdraw the bow. Overdrawing the bow can cause the bowstring to snap back and hit your child, causing injury.
  • Wear reflective or bright-colored clothing.
  • Listen! Teach your child that when someone shouts “hold” you’ll need to stop moving and stand in a safe spot while someone is shooting, or if there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

At Two Bros Bows, we pride ourselves on introducing your child to the wonderful world of archery with toy bows and arrows children as young as six can use. Paired with these helpful bow and arrow safety tips, your child will be prepared to have the safest and most fun archery experience every time they play or practice. Shop today!

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