The Perfect Christmas Gifts For Kids

The holidays are quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to start making your list of the perfect Christmas gifts for the kids. Luckily for you, Two Bros Bows has the best Christmas gifts for kids ages six and up and even a few gift ideas for older children to enjoy!

You’ll be glad to know that all of our Christmas gift ideas for kids young and older are thoughtfully chosen based on three factors the Two Bros Bows family finds to be extremely important all year-’round. With our Christmas present ideas for kids, rest assured they will:

  • Get the kids outside
  • Spark imagination
  • Keep them active

Without further ado, here are the perfect Christmas gifts for kids!

Three Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

1. Kids Archery Set

Number one on our list of holiday gift ideas for kids: a Kids’ Bow and Arrow Set! Not only do kids’ archery sets come complete with toy bow and arrow target, and unlimited play potential, these toy bow and arrow kit comes with three foam-tipped arrows also come in fun and totally unique designs to perfectly match the personality of every kid on your list. Whether they fancy the colorful design of the Peacock Archery Combo Set or would prefer the camouflaged look of the Camo Archery Combo Set, you’ll find no shortage of crazy designs and eye-catching colors to choose from!

Safe for ages six and up, Two Bros Bows archery sets teach kids the basics of beginner archery in a safe yet effective way, all while getting them outside and allowing them to use their imagination with fun games!

2. Ninja Slackline

Number two on our list of Christmas present ideas for kids (and a perfect gift idea for older children) is a ninja slackline. Ninja warrior is a widely popular event kids in this day and age both love and can greatly benefit from. 

Complete with obstacle courses and strenuous challenges, a ninja slackline is the perfect place to start for children who are interested in ninja warrior or simply to get kids outside and enjoying the great outdoors while staying active. Who knows, maybe with their bow and arrow set on their backs, they will create ninja-like competitions where they must walk across the slackline, defeat an obstacle, and shoot a target. The possibilities are endless, so encourage them to make up a fun mission on their own!

3. Walkie Talkies

Okay, it might sound too simple: but hear us out. Walkie talkies are a tried and true best Christmas gift for kids. Kids can use walkie-talkies the minute they unwrap them for a brand new way to communicate in or outside of the house when they are not right next to each other. 

Maybe they are close to the house and want to act like secret spies. Walkie-talkies can make it happen! Or, maybe they want to have a competitive scavenger hunt where they race against each other to be the first to find their items or give clues to another teammate out on the hunting path. Paired with their bow and toy arrows in their own kids quiver bag on their back and they’ll be outside adventuring the day away without ever getting bored. Win, win!

Win the Holidays This Year With Two Bros Bows!

No matter what your child is into this year, you can rest assured Two Bros Bows has the fun and adventurous archery sets sure to unleash their imagination anytime they want to get outside and play. Browse and shop today to find the perfect archery set design for every kid on your holiday shopping list!

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