The Best Spring Activities for Kids

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and spring is finally here. That means it’s time to get the kids outside to stretch out and breathe all that fresh air. 

At Two Bros Bows, we know a thing or two about having a good time in the great outdoors, and we want to help your kiddos have a super fun season, starting with our best list of spring games and activities for kids. 

Whether you need a few quick Spring games for kids of any age to enjoy at home or a handful of spring activities for a group of rambunctious youngins, this list of tried-and-true activities will get them out the door and entertained for hours on end.

10+ of the Best Spring Activities & Games Your Kids Will Love

1. Go for a Bike Ride

If your kids have been cooped up all winter, a bike ride is a perfect way to “break the ice” and get back outdoors. Whether they prefer the smooth terrains of your local bike path or like to buzz around the neighborhood on their two-wheeler, getting your kids outside and on their bikes is a physically and mentally rewarding spring activity perfect for any sunny afternoon.

2. Learn to Garden

Looking for a fun spring activity that’s fun, fruitful, and also highly educational? Start a garden! Gardening is an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about the magic of nature, like where healthy foods come from and, more importantly, the effort that goes into growing that food. Plus, it lets them get a little dirty, and what kid doesn’t love that?

Set aside an afternoon to discuss how seeds, sunshine, and water work together to grow food. Show them how to plant seeds and care for a garden that will produce a beautiful bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables. You might be surprised by how much fun they have learning about agriculture! 

We recommend choosing some easy-to-grow options they enjoy, like peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, blackberries, or raspberries. You’ll love that this simple spring activity that got them outside will continue to provide food, entertainment, and education throughout the summer and beyond.

3. Take up Hiking

Spring is the season of new life, and taking a hike is one of the best ways to witness that new life in bloom. Hiking during the springtime might be a bit muddy or wet, but it’s certainly not boring. Your kids will love walking through the changing terrain, hearing the birds chirping overhead, and witnessing new life blossom from the ground and trees. 

Make your hike as short and sweet or as long and lax as you have time for. After all, there’s no wrong way to get outside and explore nature! If your kids really take a liking to this popular spring activity, consider starting a hiking routine or plan out future trips to longer trails or taller mountains. You’ll never know what kind of inspiration they’ll get from the experience!

4. Try a New Sport

Looking to create a regular schedule of fun spring activities for your child? Sign them up for a spring sport! With baseball, lacrosse, tennis, and club sports, there are endless opportunities to make new friends and stay active while soaking up the nice weather and sharpening their skills—not to mention, make new friends!

If prior commitments make it hard to commit to a dedicated team, there’s still plenty of games to be played. Pickup soccer, kickball, and wiffleball are three fun options kids throughout the neighborhood will love to join in on. And who knows—maybe these random pickup games will turn into a regular activity for the neighborhood.

If your child is interested in archery, or you’re looking for spring games for kids to play at home to burn off some energy, our kid’s bow and arrow sets come equipped with a toy bow, three foam-tipped arrows, and a kid’s bow and arrow target perfect for mastering their new archery skills any time, any place.

Our toy bow and arrows for kids unleash fun, creativity, and imagination, all while teaching them self-confidence, and perseverance, and strengthening their hand-eye coordination. Plus, there are tons of fun birthday party and spring games to play using toy archery sets, like these five fun archery games. Paired with a set of devil sticks, your child will have endless chances to create their own fun games for spring, summer, and beyond.

5. Plan Scavenger Hunts

A scavenger hunt is one of our favorite kid’s games for spring, summer, and really, any season! Whether you’re stuck inside on a rainy day or looking to get outside as much as possible, a scavenger hunt is a custom-tailored game that can be as short, long, easy, or hard as necessary to keep them on their toes and entertained.

There are dozens of free scavenger hunt printables online you can choose from in a time crunch or make your own fun scavenger hunt with items native to your neighborhood, home, or backyard. But some of our favorite spring scavenger hunt categories include nature, indoor household items (for rainy days), bugs, and animals. Don’t be afraid to make your own scavenger hunt based on what’s available to you.

6. Bubbles & Chalk

Some days, the most fun spring activities for kids are the simplest ones, like blowing bubbles and playing with chalk. These activities are awesome for kids of any age or a mixed-age group of kids to enjoy together. Let everyone design their own chalk creations or come together to plan a chalk masterpiece in your driveway. They can even use the chalk and sidewalk to come up with some super fun spring games for kids in the neighborhood to play, like hopscotch, four square, alphabet hop, or sidewalk twister. Or, encourage them to make up their own game!

7. Have a Picnic

Looking for a fun spring activity for kids that includes a change of scenery? A picnic can accomplish both! Pick a new location—like the beach, a favorite park, or a scenic spot—pack a lunch, and take off for the afternoon to enjoy some homemade treats in the sunshine. While you’re there, play add one of the all-time best games for passing the time “I-spy,” tag, or hide and seek.

8. Build a Fort

Welcome in the warmth and sunshine this spring with one of our top favorite spring activities: fort building! Whether it’s with fallen branches, tarps, or store-bought wood, building a fort they can enjoy with friends throughout the spring, summer, and beyond is a super fun, time-consuming activity sure to keep them busy (not to mention, build confidence!). 

Stuck inside on a rainy day? No sweat! Let your kids' creativity run wild as they design and build their own fort using blankets, pillows, chairs, and other items around the house. Earn extra “cool parent” bonus points if you let them sleep in their masterpiece!

9. Tie Dye

What’s a list of the best spring activities without a mention of tie dye? With endless color opportunities and designs, experimentation is guaranteed. Plus, they’ll have the perfect shirt to welcome the summer in colorful style.

10. Play Popular Games

Short on time, but want to keep the kids entertained? No problem! We’ve got a few favorite spring games that are quick, easy, and most importantly: fun! Here’s a list of simple options you can count on to deliver the fun:

  1. Egg & Spoon Race
  2. Hula Hoop Contest
  3. Frisbee Toss
  4. Kickball
  5. Tag! You’re it!
  6. Flashlight Tag
  7. Ghosts in the Graveyard

Get Back Into the Swing of Spring with Two Bros Bows

Take advantage of all spring has to offer by getting outside and enjoying one, a few, or all of Two Bros Bow’s favorite spring activities for kids.

No matter what activities are on the list, our toy bow and arrow sets can make every adventure even more magical. Browse or shop today to find the perfect bow and arrow sets for every kid on your list. Then, get out there and have fun!

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